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Sigourney Added As ‘The Defenders’ Villain As Whole Cast On-Stage At NY Comic-Con

Sigourney Weaver hit the stage of New York Comic Con today to huge applause to be revealed as playing the villain on the upcoming The Defenders on Netflix. The Oscar nominee was joined by the actual Defenders themselves Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist at the end of the Main Stage panel for the latter March 17, 2017 debuting series.

No details of Weaver’s character nor a premiere date for The Defenders was announced but the NYC-based series is about to start filming in the next few weeks now that Iron First‘s first season wrapped this morning. Weaver’s appearance came at the end of the Iron Fist panel at NYCC that also saw some Punisher news dropped too with Daredevil alum Deborah Ann Woll joining vigilante Frank Castle in the spinoff.

Marvel is honored to have an actress of her caliber and status join what is already our biggest show ever!,”said Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb on Saturday. “She is by definition a class act.

The Weaver announcement also saw Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Finn Jones (Iron Fist) together for the first time in public.

The quartet met up digitally earlier this week when Ritter crashed a Facebook Live session that her Jessica Jones Season 1 co-star was doing to promote the September 30 debuting Luke Cage. Cox and Jones, who Colter had never met at all before, also dropped in on the online chat to the great delight of fans watching.

While Daredevil has been renewed for a third season and Jessica Jones for a Season 2, neither have been given premiere dates yet. Luke Cage looks certain to get another season, especially after seemingly crashing the streaming service for a bit the day after its 13-episode first run launched – but nothing official has been said yet. As for Iron Fist, its first season begins next spring on Netflix.

New York Comic-Con continues until tomorrow but Sunday panels are going to have a hard time beating the effort of Marvel and Netflix tonight.


Donostia Award Gala

Hello everyone. Sigourney attends Donostia Award Gala and receives  that award at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival. Congratulations!!


Sigourney Weaver Offers Another ‘Avatar’ Sequels Update

You’re not alone: Sigourney Weaver is also getting antsy for the Avatar sequels. Lucky for her, she gets first-hand updates about the increasingly epic plans to follow — and maybe even top — the record-smashing blockbuster.

I just saw James Cameron because there’s a Cirque du Soleil which is called Toruk about Pandora, and it was very interesting,” Weaver told Inverse at Toronto International Film Festival, where she was supporting her new film, A Monster Calls. “I’ve read three of three four [planned sequels], and they’re so brilliant. As much as we loved the first one, the others are so mind-boggling.

As Cameron has said before, the films will focus on “Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and their children,” though it seems that Weaver will play a large part in the films, too. What that means remains to be seen — her character didn’t make it through the original — but either way, Weaver is champing at the bit to get going.

I’m not surprised it’s taken him this long to put all the different skeins of the story together,” she said. “I don’t know when we’ll start, but it has to be next year, right? We can’t wait any longer.

The first Avatar sequel is right now scheduled to be released in late 2018.

Avatar 2 release date, spoilers: Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver are coming back for the Avatar sequels

He may be one of the biggest villains in the Avatar universe and many may have been glad to see his demise in the James Cameron film, but Capt. Colonel Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang will definitely be back for the sequels.

While fans wonder how he can survive the fatal injuries that he suffered in his battle with Jake Sully, the character portrayed by Sam Worthington, James Cameron himself confirmed the character’s return to the franchise and assured that anything is possible in the world of science fiction.

His character will evolve into really unexpected places across the arc of our new three-film saga,” he explained.

The director also revealed that they will be bringing back Sigourney Weaver in the sequels. It can be recalled that her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, perished in the first movie.

Cameron only revealed that Weaver will return to the cast as “a different, and in many ways more challenging character.”
Meanwhile, Lang, when he was asked about his return to the franchise, he refused to elaborate but only confirmed that he will be part of the next three movies.

Well, I can say because it’s a matter of public record, that the character of Colonel Quaritch is important in each of the films — Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5,” he said to Mashable.

In a separate interview, Lang also shared some information on the production of the sequels.

According to the actor, the second movie in the franchise is targeting to start production by 2017 and a 2018 release date.

Yeah, the reading of things. We’re getting there. We’re in good shape. We’ll be starting certainly early in the new year. But you know, the thing is, as you can imagine with a film like Avatar, it’s not like the work hasn’t been going on. The design, the production design, the various worlds, and creatures and environments, that’s all being worked on,” he assured fans who are worried over the delays.

Sigourney Weaver set for Donostia prize at San Sebastián Film Festival

US actress Sigourney Weaver will receive the Donostia Prize at the 64th San Sebastián International Film Festival, which opens on September 19. Weaver will attend the festival for the premiere of her new movie A Monster Calls, directed by Spain’s Juan Antonio Bayona.

The career achievement award will be presented to the actress at a gala on September 21 in the Kursaal auditorium. The cast of the film, which is not competing at the festival, includes Felicity Jones, Lewis MacDougall and Liam Neeson.

A Monster Calls is based on the Patrick Ness novel of the same name, which won the United Kingdom’s Carnegie and Greenaway Medals for distinguished children’s books. Ness, who also wrote the movie’s script, tells the story of Conor, a 12-year-old boy trying to confront the illness of his mother with the help of monster that visits him at night. A Monster Calls is Bayona’s third feature film, and the final installment in his trilogy of poignant stories centering on the strength of the mother-child bond.


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