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Avatar 2 release date, spoilers: Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver are coming back for the Avatar sequels

He may be one of the biggest villains in the Avatar universe and many may have been glad to see his demise in the James Cameron film, but Capt. Colonel Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang will definitely be back for the sequels.

While fans wonder how he can survive the fatal injuries that he suffered in his battle with Jake Sully, the character portrayed by Sam Worthington, James Cameron himself confirmed the character’s return to the franchise and assured that anything is possible in the world of science fiction.

His character will evolve into really unexpected places across the arc of our new three-film saga,” he explained.

The director also revealed that they will be bringing back Sigourney Weaver in the sequels. It can be recalled that her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, perished in the first movie.

Cameron only revealed that Weaver will return to the cast as “a different, and in many ways more challenging character.”
Meanwhile, Lang, when he was asked about his return to the franchise, he refused to elaborate but only confirmed that he will be part of the next three movies.

Well, I can say because it’s a matter of public record, that the character of Colonel Quaritch is important in each of the films — Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5,” he said to Mashable.

In a separate interview, Lang also shared some information on the production of the sequels.

According to the actor, the second movie in the franchise is targeting to start production by 2017 and a 2018 release date.

Yeah, the reading of things. We’re getting there. We’re in good shape. We’ll be starting certainly early in the new year. But you know, the thing is, as you can imagine with a film like Avatar, it’s not like the work hasn’t been going on. The design, the production design, the various worlds, and creatures and environments, that’s all being worked on,” he assured fans who are worried over the delays.

Tomboy, a Revenger’s Tale – First stills

Hello. I just found first still with Sigourney from the upcoming movie Tomboy, a Revenger’s Tale. Enjoy!

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